Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: Lioele Be My Skin Powder Pact in 23 Natural Beige

Hello! As I'm still on my ongoing mission to find a powder that I love, I purchase a couple powder pacts to test out. One of them is the Lioele Be My Skin powder pact in No.23 Natural Beige. 

The Lioele Be My Skin powder pact comes in 2 colors: 21 Blooming Ivory and 23 Natural Beige. I picked up the color 23 Natural Beige for my NC 25 skin.
Lioele always has very pretty princess-like packaging. The compact is pink with a silver ring around the middle. You push the button to open the case so it is pretty secure

Pact applied on the right hand side: Very mattifying and about 2 shades too light for my arm. My face is much lighter than my arm so it looks fine (NC25), but if I get any kind of tan, this shade would not suit me.

Pact applied on the right hand side

My Experience:
This is a pigmented powder pact that can be worn alone or used on areas that tend to get oily. I use this to eliminate shine throughout the day and I find it very mattifying. The one downside of this is that it is, like stated above, very mattifying. If you have dry skin or high coverage foundation, this will cake/cling to dry spot if you are not careful. I use a light-medium coverage cushion foundation and pat this on areas that look shiny so I don't have an issue with it caking unless I apply too much. The coverage of this is very good and can be worn alone as a powder foundation for those who have normal/oily skin. 

Where to buy:
I purchased this item from Jolse Cosmetics for about $18 USD. This item is quite hard to find along with many of Lioele's products. I'm not sure if they are discontinuing some of their products, but I've noticed most of the Lioele products I look for are either sold out or no longer available.

This is great as a shine eliminator or a foundation for those with oily/normal skin. I don't recommend this for people who have dry skin as it is extremely mattifying and will cling to dry spots of the face. Overall, I think this is a great product in terms of mattifying and pigmentation. Also the item only comes in 2 colors (both quite fair) and I find they are suitable for those that are fairer than NC25. The packaging is easy to carry, but it is definitely on the bulky side. The price is mid-range compared to other powder pacts I've tried in the past. I recommend this for those who suit the skin type, but would not for anyone who has dry skin.



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