Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Lioele Marbling Blusher Highlighter in Shining Aurora 01

Today I will be reviewing the Lioele Marbling Blusher (highlighter) in Shining Aurora. This item is called a blusher, but meant to be used as a highlighter. It is multi-purpose and can be used on various points of the face.

This highlighter comes in two colors, the first is Shining Aurora, a cream base mixed with blue, purple, and bronze. The second color is Shining Pink, a light pink base mixed with rose.

Lioele's packaging is always very pretty and princess-like. Their logo is a Cinderella-like carriage. 

The compact is very sturdy and the design is very pretty. Their logo is on the front of the compact with a little gem on top. It is a little bit bulky though and would not be convenient to carry around.

This compact also comes with a brush as well. The brush is slighting curved and the bristles are soft. I do like using my fan brush for highlighters, but might use the brush it comes with if I take this traveling.

The colors swirled into the cream base are very beautiful. Light lavender, sky blue, and a copper bronze.

One downside of this product is that it has a not-so-faint rose scent. It may not bother some people, but I prefer face products to be unscented or very mildly scented. The scent is very similar to that of the Banila Co The Secret Highlighter.

Here is a close-up photo of the highlighter

On the bottom is a heavy swatch, on top is a light swatch. This highlighter is very buildable and smooth. It applies well and is easy to blend out. I don't find this highlighter to be very subtle unless you use a light hand. It is not finely milled and it will definitely illuminate your complexion. I would not recommend applying this all over your face, only the points where light hits your face.

Here's a swatch on my finger. It is indeed very pigmented and will give you that glowing highlighted effect. Shimmer isn't chunky, but definitely not subtle.

I really do like this highlighter. I find my skin looking dull on certain days and this brightens up my entire complexion. I apply this on the top of my cheekbones, chin, and along the bridge of my nose. This is not a highlighter for people who want a subtle glow. The powder is very pigmented and it is not finely milled like the Hourglass ALPs. I find with the different pigments blended into this highlighter, it gives my face more dimension. Sometimes my skin still looks dull after applying highlighter, but the colors in this color-correct my complexion making my face look more awake and healthy. I got this for about $17 USD and the product amount is 15g. That is an incredible value considering the Banila Co highlighter is about $20-25 USD for 8g. I purchased this from a reputable seller on ebay.

Thank you lovelies for reading my review :3


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