Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shows: Get It Beauty ep. 1 Blind Test 2015 Top Cleansing Waters

Today I will be looking back on Get It Beauty's top rated cleansing waters. These were all rated by experts, people online, and "The Better Girls".

Ranked #5
ElishaCoy Moist Up Hyalurone Mild Cleansing Water
Price: Around $10

Mentioned in show: Contains carbonated water and 40 natural ingredients

Ranked #4
Belif Cleansing Herb Water
Price: Around $20-30

Mentioned in the show: Good for water soluble makeup, has herb extracts.

Ranked #3
BioDerma SensiBio H2O Cleansing Water
Price: Around $20

Mentioned in the show: Great for sensitive skin, last years #1 winner.

Ranked #2
Nature Republic Jeju H2O Cleansing Water
Price: Around $10-20

Mentioned in the show: Great value for the large size of this cleanser. Carbonated water makes it a very effective cleanser.

Ranked #1
Dr. Jart DermaClear Micro Water
Price: Around $30

Mentioned in the show: Activated water makes makeup fall off.

Thoughts: From this episode, I think the best value is the Nature Republic Cleansing Water. The size is 510ml for about $27 in the US. It is also #2 in the top 5 cleansing waters of 2015. The Dr.Jart+ and Belif cleansing waters are all available to be purchased at Sephora. The ElishaCoy and BioDerma are available to be purchased online. 

Thanks for looking back on this episode's blind test winners. Reviews on some of these will be up soon!


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